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With over 20 years of experience in tax resolution, we can walk you through the IRS maze. We can help you to better assess your options, design the most advantageous offer, and negotiate your best deal.

About Nicole S. Ofstein, JD, LLM

Nicole is a well-known tax resolution attorney and author of “Solving IRS Problems” and “How to Settle with the IRS… for Pennies on the Dollar”. She has successfully negotiated offers in compromise, installment agreements, hardship deferments, abatement of penalties and interest, innocent spouse relief, release of tax liens and levies, and expiration of the collection statute.

How to Settle with the IRS… for Pennies on the Dollar

With this book, you will learn about the Offer in Compromise program that lets you settle your tax bill for a small fraction of what you owe. You will also learn how to assert your taxpayer rights, what assets the IRS can and cannot legally seize, how to abate or remove penalties, how to negotiate an affordable installment agreement, how to get your tax bill marked “uncollectible,” and much more. 

If you are experiencing a tax issue, have not filed tax returns for years, or are in need of some advice and guidance, this how-to book will help put an end to your tax troubles. 

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We offer a free and confidential phone consultation with Attorney Nicole Ofstein. See if you qualify for an offer in compromise, installment agreement, hardship deferment, or other tax relief, including release of lien/levy.


We can work with the IRS directly on your behalf or serve as your consultant when dealing with the IRS. We can handle correspondence, negotiate resolution, and resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


You can regain your financial freedom and peace of mind. We can help you stop IRS collections, protect your assets and income, and assert your taxpayer rights. We can help you solve your tax troubles once and for all!

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