How to Settle with the IRS

Do you suffer nightmares of losing your home, savings, business and all you have worked for?

These fears are justified and not uncommon. The IRS has powerful weapons to seize your bank accounts, wages, social security and other valued assets, but you have powerful laws to protect you too, and you must understand and assert your rights and start solving your IRS tax problems today.

With this book, you will learn about the Offer in Compromise program that lets you settle your tax bill for a small fraction of what you owe. You will also learn how to assert your taxpayer rights, what assets the IRS can and cannot legally seize, how to abate or remove penalties, how to negotiate an affordable installment agreement, how to get your tax bill marked “uncollectible,” and much more. 

If you are experiencing a tax issue, have not filed tax returns for years, or are in need of some advice and guidance, this how-to book will help put an end to your tax troubles. 

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